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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Age limit debate

Do you ever look at the older generation and wonder why the hell they dress the way the do? I love my grandmother dearly but I've never looked at her clothes and thought "what a pretty outfit". Most of the time she is dressed in slacks and a dress shirt, then she has the little slipper shoes. For as long as I can remember she has worn red lipstick and very little other makeup. Sometimes I wonder if I will dress like that when I'm her age.  

We have control over what we were and I don't really think our taste changes that much when we grow up but I do think our views change. When I was younger I would were clothes MUCH different from what I were now. Of course I was a few (cough, cough) pounds lighter so did that make me change?  The only thing that didn't change is my love of high heels. I'm very attracted to them, the higher the better. I don't claim to buy them all of the time or wear them everyday but I could dream about owning a million pairs if I want... Right?

I'm a sucker for nail polish I always have been. I love bright colors and cool designs. I'm no expert by any means but I love to experiment. Now that I'm getting older, I won't tell you how old, I wonder if there is an age limit or rule on what nail polish you should wear? I've never seen my grandmother with long nails that are decorated so is that acceptable? Don't get me wrong I am NOT a grandmother and will not be for a while but I'm just wondering if I will have to stop enjoying nail polish one day? 

The other day I was looking at earrings and they had very pretty bright orange, green, and pink that I wanted but then thought, aren't you a little old for that? So I settled for black and white blah! I will wear them don't get me wrong but I would feel bright and cheery putting on a hot pink, orange, and green earring. 

My mom was never one for much make or glitz and glamour so I don't know where I got the girly gene from but I do hope I can continue to be colorful for as long as I want. Tell me do you think is age just a number or is there a stipulation on what colors and things you can wear. What are your thoughts on the subject? Will I reach an age that I can't be bright and wear nail decor?  Have you reached an age where you stopped wearing something you used to love?


  1. I don't know... My mom is almost 80 and she is still the most stylish woman I know.

    1. That's good to know! My husband is only 6 years older than me and he acts OLD sometimes. LOL

  2. I do wonder what older people are thinking sometimes. I have wondered why so many have that short hair. I like bohemian looks so I will be that older hippie I am sure. I like long skirts and dresses, and comfort. I love colors. I'm sure I will mystify people in my older years. No moo moos for me!

    1. I completely agree! I would like to be the same way!