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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Strange Beauty Treatments part 2

So I've been really fascinated by some of the beauty treatments I have seen. I really enjoy sharing them with y'all and hearing your thoughts on them.  It's always amazes me the lengths some people will go through in the name of beauty. This one is very strange to me considering the fear most people have of snakes. So a snake message is classified as a strange beauty treatment to me! I have to say I am in no way afraid of snakes but I'm not sure if I would do this massage.

An Israeli health and beauty spa is charging clients $70.00 for a massage with six non-venomous snakes to help with achy muscles and stiff joints.  It is said they are therapeutic and have a soothing, relaxing effect. So no oils or rocks just slithering snakes. These are small snakes like king snakes and corn snakes.

There is also a zoo in the Philippines where you can get a snake message with four deadly pythons. Imagine four deadly snakes slithering all over your body. Wait does thinking about that help make you feel relaxed? Could you really relax with four pythons on you?  They do prep you on what not to do during the message before you start. I imagine that's like pre-op when they tell you all of the things that can go wrong during your surgery. It makes you rethink the entire thing.

I'm not sure if this trend will be in America any time soon but if it is are you going to be in line for a snake massage?

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  1. Umm, no. Even as a guy there is no way I'd let those snake lay across me like that!

  2. only one word that i see the snakes - UGH!

  3. That sounds crazy. I'm also not afraid of snakes but this just seems wrong to me.


  4. I will not be having this type of massage in this lifetime. I am deathly afraid of snakes as well unable to tolerate any type of massage due to having Fibromyalgia. This is a bit scary to me.

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  6. OMG!!! Are these people for real? Snake massages? I wouldn't come 100 feet close to them...

  7. These people are simply insane. I have enough snake dreams as it is.