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Monday, June 1, 2015

Discover or ReDiscover Wantable

this post contains affiliate links 

Have you heard Wantable has 2 NEW boxes in addition to their already amazing subscription box selection? Now you can choose from makeup, jewelry, intimates.. and now fitness or fashion. Can't choose, why not order a couple. 

The makeup, jewelry, and intimates are only $36.00 per month and that it the only fee you pay. You get to keep ever amazing product in your box. 



   Wantable Intimates

The Fitness and Fashion work a little different. You pay a STYLING fee, review the box then PAY for the items you want to keep. But it's like having a personal shopper send you new clothes every month!! Soundd exciting, doesn't it? 

Decide what box you want to subscribe to this month and Sign up here.  ~~~ PS:: You can change your mind every MONTH!! 

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