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Monday, November 9, 2015

Skinit -- Personalized Skins and Cases

I was so excited to work with Skinit because I get board easily and like to change my case constantly. But I was a good wifie and ordered my husband one. I'm really not that unselfish I just felt guilty because he really liked the new case I got and it was not for his phone.

But wow when I was browsing the options on the Skinit Website I started to regret my decision to order it for him. I must have seen a dozen or more I loved but I saw as many that he would love too. So my first thought was to surprise him but I let him pick out the pattern.

He loves dragons so I was looking through the mythical/mystical selection. Everything in there was very bright and beautifully colored. It was so attention grabbing that I had a hard time picking out a few for him to choose from.  Now keep in mind, that was only a FRACTION of the cases already designed. But there is also an option to make your own with personal pictures.

After a while we decided on a dragon and the case I picked was the Cargo case.  I know how rough my husband is on h is phone/case. He cracked an Otter Box.  When my husband opened the package he was very happy. His first statement was "wow this is really nice case." I asked what he meant? He explained that he feels his phone is protected because the case is thicker than his other one and has a small rubber band in the front.

Shipping was super fast, the case arrived in a few days. It comes in the mail in small envelope so it's very discrete.

Here are some other designed I love.

Check out all Skin It has to offer here.

Which is your favorite?

I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion but the opinion expressed is all my own. 

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