Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Whirl a style

I'm always looking for things to do with my hair on bad hair days. The old ponytail is the most reliable but I've worn a ponytail so much I'm tired of it. I also don't find a pony tail is the dressiest updo I can have. So when I got a change to try Whirl a Style I was very excited.

There are lots of possible styles with the Whirl a Style and they have a guide on the site. There is also different sizes that you can use depending on the length of your hair and the look you are trying to achieve. 

I was sent a large because my hair is very long. The Whirl a Style is not super easy to use on myself it is hard to wrap in my own hair and it is hard to clasp. The best style I could come up with was a bun and that was very messy because I have so many layers.   It is as an amazing concept but it's much easier to do on someone else. 

I do believe with the Whirl a Style the possibilities are endless as far as the hairstyles you can create. It just takes a little getting used to and styling gel/hairspray. 

I received this product complimentary but the opinion expressed is all mine. Regardless I only recommend products I feel are good for my readers. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Bo-Po Nail Polish Giveaway

Bo-Po polish (stand for Brush On Peel Off) is recommended for ages 3 and up and comes in 10 different colors that can be purchased individually or in various multi-packs.

I  think this is an adorable concept but when I saw it "peels off in seconds" I couldn't help but laugh. My girls are the only people that I know who can make GLITTER polish disappear in seconds. So polish coming off is not a problem around here. What I do like is it is safe for children because it does not contain harmful chemicals or odors.  Of course being a peel off there is no need for Acetone removers.

My girls love a manicure so when they saw the package they begged me to paint their nails for days. They were very HAPPY with the color choices that we had there was a Purple - Grape, Orange - OMG!, and Pink - Bubble Gum.

When I finally did, I loved the way this polish applied it applied better than some of my polishes.  It went on very smoothly and great with one coat. It dried in what seemed like seconds. I mean completely dry, that sticky almost dry that I have experienced before.

There is no nasty scent to this polish I was expecting a scent to match the names but there is no scent at all.

Another AWESOME thing is each Bo-Po polish comes in a unique spill-proof bottle, which eliminates the risk of stains to clothes, floors or furniture as a result of accidental tipping. Amazingly, the bottles will not spill even if turned completely upside down. I could have used this when I was a teenager. I spilled an entire bottle of BRIGHT PINK polish on my mom's new sofa. Needless to say she was not happy at all.

Bo-Po also makes a color changing lip Balm. This Moisturizing balm comes in two tasty flavors: Mango and Ice Cream, and changes colors when applied to skin. I think my girls would LOVE this as well.

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Now one of you has the chance to win a set of Bo-Po polish in random colors. So here are the rules.

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

5 Hair Health Tips for New Moms with Dr Jan Hansen

5 Hair Health Tips for New Moms
Disclosure - this post contains affiliate links.
These days, it’s easy to find information about hair care. The challenge is how to sort fact from fiction. Madison Reed is here to help!
Dr. Jan Hansen, a board certified OB/GYN, explains the science behind common questions and popular hair tips so we can all make better decisions for our hair and health.
Hair Health Facts
1. Can I color my hair while pregnant?
It’s interesting to note that the American College of OB/GYN has no recommendations about coloring hair during pregnancy, yet many women are concerned. I chose to color my hair in all three trimesters with all four of my children. I wish that Madison Reed had been available back then. I would have been much more comfortable using Madison Reed Radiant Color Kit instead of the traditional smelly, harsh dyes.
Everyone’s pregnancy is different, so always consult with your personal physician. I feel Madison Reed products provide a better option and a better experience.
2. Why do some new moms lose so much hair?
Don’t worry, this is normal. Hair grows, rests, and sheds in cycles. During pregnancy, higher estrogen levels alter the hair cycles. The hair continues to grow, while the resting and shedding phases are paused. That’s why hair is longer, thicker, and fuller while pregnant.
After you deliver, the shedding and resting phases resume. All of the hair that would have been shed during the pregnancy can be shed all at once. It can be quite alarming losing clumps of hair! This is normal and within a few months, the hair will return to a normal cycle.
3. Is it true that hair can stretch 30% longer when wet?
Yes! Hair is made of 90% proteins that are held together by chemical bonds. When wet, these bonds are temporarily broken, allowing the hair to stretch and weaken. The bonds reform when dry and shrink back to normal.
4. How can I prevent damage to wet hair?
Because the bonds that hold strands together are temporarily broken, wet hair is vulnerable to damage. Follow these three simple rules to protect your hair. Use a wide-tooth comb or detangling wet brush. Avoid a tight ponytail while your hair is wet. When the hair dries and shrinks back, the ponytail could cause breakage. Wait until your hair is 80-90% dry before styling it.
5. Why do some people grow longer hair than others?
There is a limit to how long each person’s hair can grow, called the terminal length. The terminal length depends on a predetermined growing cycle. It usually is 3-5 years but can be as long as 10! The longer your growing cycle, the longer your hair can get. Considering hair typically grows 6 inches per year, 10 years of growing is really long hair!
While you can’t change genetics, you can protect your long hair by keeping it healthy and strong. Take care when you style your hair and use healthier hair products that can help prevent and repair damage to the hair.
Find your perfect hair color now from Madison Reed and get hair color that is healthy for your hair.

Green Kid Crafts Giveaway

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& Willy B Mum!
Sponsored by Green Kid Crafts

Each box comes fun-filled with educational and eco-friendly activities for ages 3-10. You can choose between the subscription, a one-time creativity & science kit, or a birthday box. 

What a fun idea! I'm always looking for projects to do with my children. Sometimes it's not easy to come up with up with ideas, this would help. 

Giveaway Time!

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Split Ender

I don't know why but I hate to get my hair cut. I don't like trying to decide which beautician to use or what style I want. I really like my hair long anyway. I tell them to just cut the ends off and I wind up with hair MUCH shorter than I thought. So I stay away from the scissors as often as possible.

When I saw the SplitEnder I really thought it is not possible that this will work the way they say it will. So when I got to try one I was over the moon excited! I love the kit I was sent it has a comb, clip, a cleaning brush and a cute little stand to store everything in.

I couldn't wait to open the kit so I I tore into and like I do with most new things I stared at this it for a little while. I was trying to figure out how it works.. Of course they have directions, very detailed ones too but. that's too easy. So I looked at it and it was very interesting. 

You see that slot above? It opens and your hair goes in there. So the next thing I was scared what if it cut ALL my hair off like a beautician does when I tell her just the ends. So I looked at it a little more and then I looked at my hair. Then I looked at the Split Ender and I did what anybody would have done. I called my daughter so I could try it on her. Now don't judge me, she is adorable and would look great even if she has short hair. 

I ran it through her hair and wow it was all still there! I really was just the tips missing I couldn't see it working and I didn't see that much of a difference in her hair once I was done. But I see a bunch of little blonde hairs in the clear barrel.  So I was amazed and ran it through the rest of her hair. Her hair looked much healthier and I could tell the little dead ends were gone. She was so excited she declared she was never getting a hair cut again she is going to use the Split Ender forever now. 

So pleased with her results I tried it on my hair. When I was in the bathroom using it my husband said oh I heard it cut something. And you know what? He was right. I could hear it removing the little dead ends. Overall this product is AMAZING. I never buy into the too good to be true stories but this is one product that works the way it claims to. 

I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest uncompensated review but the opinion expressed is all mine. Regardless I only recommend products I feel are good for my readers. 

Green Earth Frying Pan 3-Piece Set by Ozeri (8", 10", 12"), with Textured Ceramic Non-Stick Coating

I have told y'all before about the pans I had there were "supposed" to be nonstick. All of them have lost that no stick ability if they had it at all. I love to cook and having the right tools makes a big difference. When I was chosen to review the Green Earth Frying Pan 3-Piece Set by Ozeri  I was very excited. I love Ozeri Products so I had high expectations for these pans.

The set comes with pans in 8", 10",  and 12" and they are made with Textured Ceramic Non-Stick Coating. I was so happy when I opened the package and saw all three came with a pan protector for storage. In most of my pans I used a paper towels so they wouldn't get ruined in the cabinet. These protectors are so much more attractive and easier to use than paper towels. Plus they are a lot sturdier and will not need to be replaced every time I wash my pans like the paper towels do. I think it should be mandatory that all pan sets come with them and if I'm ever president I will make that law. 

The set is super heavy and made out of durable heavy-gauge die-cast aluminum with no heavy metals or harmful chemicals.  And unlike other ceramic pans, the Ozeri Green Earth Pan utilizes GREBLON - an ultra-safe ceramic coating from Germany which is 100% PTFE and PFOA free. 

I love that the grip is plastic I don't burn my hand when I pick up a hot pan off the stove. Yes I know I should know better but sometimes I just forget.

One of my favorite things to cook is breakfast. On the weekend I like my children to have a large breakfast because we don't have time during the week to make it.  My best nonstick pan is small I'm used to cooking two eggs at a time. Since I have seven people to make eggs for that makes cooking breakfast very time consuming. I was so impressed when six eggs fit comfortably in the pan. I was able to flip all six without making a huge mess.  To make scrabbled eggs I'm sure it would fit enough for my entire family plus company in one pan.  What a great time saver for me. 

When I was done cooking my hubby washed dishes and I heard him exclaim " I love this pan" I said what are you taking about. He explained that the pan was so super easy to clean and there was no egg residue stuck in it. All it took was wiping clean and we washed it with soap and water. Even the sides were non-stick, I dropped egg yolk down the side. It was dried before I noticed but it still just wiped off.
I look forward to cooking in these pans because I love when things are easy to cook in and easy to clean. My other Ozeri pan is still non-stick so I will be able to  use these for years to come.

I received this product complimentary in exchange for an honest uncompensated review but the opinion expressed is all mine. Regardless I only recommend products I feel are good for my readers. 

Get your first Animal Trackers Club box FREE

Do y'all remember the awesome Animal Trackers Club that I reviewed a few weeks ago? If not, check out the review to refresh your memory.

Well I wanted to share this exciting news with y'all. You can get your first box free right now!! This club would make a great gift little ones of all ages. My children LOVED learning about the animals while having fun.

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