Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July's Stunner of the Month

Yay! My Stunner of the Month box arrived today. I get so excited to see what my sunglasses look like every month. Each month sometimes they are something I would usually not pick in a store but I'm so glad I get to try them because I love them. Whether they are retro or funky they are always lots of fun.

The pair I got for July was Rizzo from the Character collection Level Mezzanine. "As the head of the Pink Ladies .. She was known as a bad girl. She got a Hickie from Kenickie,  but ALWAYS looked fly in the freshest stunner around" I immediately got excited when I saw Rizzo, I mean Grease is a classic! I don't know many people my age that have not seen it a million times. Before I pulled my stunners out I pictured her in her Pink Ladies jacket and almost wished I had one to wear with my Stunners.

As you can see they are super cute with the ovalish black rim and gold small accent. As usual with Stunner of the Month the quality is great. The frame is sturdy and does not bend. The arms fold smoothly without having to be forced.  They all come in a cute bag that says Stunner of the Month to avoid them getting damaged. I keep them in the bag in purse and while I am storing the ones I am not using.

Stunner of the Month has become one of my favorite subscription boxes. I believe you can never have too much jewelry, makeup, nail polish, shoes, or sunglasses. So having sunglasses delivered to my door is something I enjoy a lot. Besides there are worse things I could do than have a pair of sunglasses or two, or ten or twenty right?!?

Remember, when you sign up for Stunner of the Month you can choose if you want feminine, masculine, or unisex glasses. So although you don't know exactly what you are getting every month, you have some control over the type you receive.  If you decide to sign up because of this post, there is no referral program at this time but you can mention alwaysblabbing sent you. 

There is also an option to gift a subscription. For only $9.00 a month, this would be a great present to surprise somebody with.  You can like Stunner of the Month on FaceBook and Follow them on Twitter for cool things like contest and pictures of other subscribers in their Stunners. Last month I was excited to be chosen as a finalist in their monthly contest. 

I received this product complimentary in exchange for an honest uncompensated review but the opinion expressed is all mine. I only recommend products I feel are good for my readers. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Delfogo Stretch Mark and Scar Cream

I'm sure you can agree we all have flaws, some of them we have no way to correct. Others we work hard to hide or correct. I have mentioned before I've been working hard to lose weight and I have only lost five pounds. But I am pleased to say I am toning up and noticed my clothes are fitting better. The downside is I saw these nasty stretch marks on my thighs the other day. I mean I have had stretch marks before but I thought they came when you lost or gained weight! How can I have stretch marks without losing a significant amount of weight??  Sorry that's a little bit of a rant, let me move on.

When I was asked to work with Delfogo again I was super excited that I got to review Delfogo Stretch Mark & Scar Cream. I had high hopes and lots of scars and stretch marks to test it on. The container was a little shocking, only because it is different. It is a little bottle and when you unscrew the cover there is a squirt top, which is actually pretty cool.  Because the squirt top makes it easy to dispense a good amount of cream.

Directions are work the cream into your beauty routine morning and evening so I put it with my facial skin care. Sad but true, I need the reminder.  The cream is not overly thick but not runny. It is not scented so it has a typical lotion smell. Which is not bad, the only reference I can make. The smell is not strong and goes away within a few minutes of use. Of course I am using it on my thighs so... It's not that close to my nose.

I have been using the cream for a week on a nasty scar from an animal bite. The bite happened almost a year ago so it's not a fresh bite but when I say it was nasty, I mean nasty. I could never get a picture to depict how it looked so I will try to describe it. At first I had not two but six teeth marks on my forearm. They were VERY red and EXTREMELY raised which made them noticeable and embarrassing. Over time the redness faded a little so it was still very noticeable.  I am very happy to report my scar has faded DRASTICALLY. It is not just lighter it is no longer raised. The bites are even with my skin and unless you are really studying my arm, they are not noticeable.

I am amazed by how quickly I these got these amazing results. Even my hubby and my daughter noticed the difference in my scar. The stretch marks are fading as well. I am so happy with the results and I would recommend this product to anyone.

I received this product complimentary in exchange for an honest uncompensated review but the opinion expressed is all mine. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pretty Woman Perfume review and giveaway

I love perfume and love to discover new fragrances. I normally don't have a specific type of anything and perfume is so different.  I have quite a few different perfumes that are way different in scent. So when Pretty Woman Perfume agreed to work with me I was so happy.

I agree with Pretty Woman by Barbara Orbison " a perfume makes you feel complete. It singles you out from the crowd; it brings out the best in you; it empowers you; it is an instant memory; it is undeniably you!" I have never thought about it before but that statement is very true. How many times I'm walking out the door and go back to grab my perfume. No matter where I'm going or what fragrance I'm in the mood for, I don't feel complete without it.  The right fragrance can make me feel flirty or sexy it may be subconscious but my perfume is very powerful.

Pretty Woman was very generous in and sent me a Black Fragrance Candle, a full size bottle of Pretty Woman perfume, and an On the Go package so I have lots of goodies to review for y'all.

The perfume is an intoxicating smell with's a blend of lots of different scents including favorites like rose red, carnation, and vanilla.  The scent is hard to describe but it is not too fruity, flowery, or too sweet.  The scent is light but very noticeable and it has extreme lasting power. I wore it all day and it didn't fade.  The smell is more for the woman who love a spicy perfume because on me that is the scent that stood out the most. But we all know that a perfume reacts with you body's chemistry so it may be way different on you.

The On the Go is great for us free spirits that love to travel.  With three mini but nice size travel size bottle so Pretty Woman perfume, there is no need to pack your full bottle and run the risk of it getting broken.  They are so portable but tightly closed, you can have your favorite smell with you anywhere you go. Great for a gym or beach bag or throw one in your purse. Although very long lasting you never know what circumstances will cause the need to reapply. 

The black candle is not only stunning in appearance it is impressive because the smell is identical to the Pretty Woman Perfume. The candle holder is very beautiful and heavy so it should not get easily chipped even if you are clumsy like me. 

You can save 20% if you use coded ALWAYS20 at check out. If you want to try Pretty Woman first, you can request a sample on their site here.

Pretty Woman has generously offer to give one you a chance to win all of these products! So that means a giveaway and you know I have to go over the rules first, so here they are:

Entries will be accepted from  07/21/14 - 08/4/14

Good luck remember one winner will be randomly chosen through the RaffleCopter. You MUST be following me on Twitter or GFC or like alwaysblabbing on FaceBook to be eligible to win. This giveaway is open to US residence only Winners will have 48 hours to contact me with their mailing information. alwaysblabbing is not responsible for shipping prize.

Don't forget to come back once a day and share for extra entries.

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I received these products complimentary in exchange for an honest uncompensated review but the opinion expressed is all mine. 

Suave Natural Infusion Samples

I found another great free sample I wanted to share with y'all.

 Really easy to claim, click here, and fill out the short form to get a sample of Suave Natural Infusions hair care.

I have tried a few different types from the Suave Professional line and loved them.  I'm excited to try this one.

Colored Hair

When I went to the salon to have my hair dye the stylist gave me the color choices and some of them were not your "normal hair colors." Pink Hair?? Purple Hair? Turquoise Hair?? I was a little taken back. These colors are not what you would expect to see for hair dye, but they becoming more popular than ever. I have always been a live and let live sort of person.  I don't care if you hair is black or green if you like it good for you.  Anyway, let's face it these girls are beautiful pink and blue hair or not. 

I know a lot of people don't feel that way but those people will judge no matter what. So who cares what they think? When I was at the salon I secretly contemplated getting a purple stripe or two put in my hair.  But then I kept thinking what would people think about a person my age having purple hair? What would my job say? So I guess I really do care what people think and say about me. 

But I can be honest with ya'll, can't I. I LOVE the new "mermaid hair" I am so in love with it. I just told my hubby I loved it and he sort of laughed at me. I wonder what everyone else would say if I did this to my hair? 

If I was say, a few years younger, it wouldn't be a question I would go get my hair done tomorrow. But at my age, I don't know if it will suite me. I don't know if I  could pull it off. But I can say I think it's beautiful.  What age do you have to stop expressing yourself?  Someone suggested starting with colored clip ons to try out colored hair, I may just do that instead of something more permanent.

What are your thoughts on "wild" color hair? Would you do something like Mermaid hair or pink hair? Leave me a comment and let me know. Have you dyed your hair a different color? Feel free to leave me a pic on my FaceBook page, I would love to see it.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Free Sample of Garnier Clean

Have you gotten your Garnier Clean+ sample yet? What are you waiting for?

It's very simple, click here  ,complete the short form, and wait for your samples to arrive in your mail box.

There are three samples to choose from: Blackhead Eliminating Scrub for oily skin, Balancing Gel Exfoliator for combination skin, and Nourishing Cleansing Oil for Dry Skin. So there is something for every skin type

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Nice and Easy Root Touch Up - Review

Check out my review of Nice and Easy Root Touch-Up 

I received this product complimentary in exchange for an honest unbiased opinion.